A Case study of the Quick Check App

Glory Bassey
4 min readJan 22, 2022


Role: User flow, lo-fi wireframe, visual Design, User experience, Interactive Prototyping, interactive Component.

Outcome: Ui/Ux Design of the Quick Check App

Tools used:

Pen and Paper


Project Overview:

A Loan banking app where users could send and receive Loan without having to be physically present in a bank, Also providing features to extend their loan without hassle.

The Problem:

There was an issue of people not able to pay up their loans due to either unforeseen circumstances or just not having enough to pay back at the stipulated time. Users hoped for a way to extend their loans to a certain period of time irrespective of the charge included.

Ux Research:

User interviews were conducted and a usability test was carried out on the previous app, (physical interviews were conducted and the previous app was given to users to navigate their way through). Through this research, I could easily identify the pain points and the problems faced as this helped in creating a better user experience and user interfaces.

After research, I identified two types of users: The un-employed and the self-employed.

The un-employed: Users who are not able to get a job either through self-employment or being an employee in a company. These users thought it wise to get a loan, hoping to get a job before the loan payment date elapses.

The Self-employed: Users who work for themselves. These users get loan and hope to pay back after they have made profit from the business ventured into.

Goal statement: The Re-design will let users extend their loan which will help them be at ease and feel safe by making users collect loan irrespective and this would be measured by the amount of users who use the app and how they are able to navigate their way through.

Pain points:

Not able to find their way through the app

Glitchy user experience

Not able to extend their loans

Brand Identity

User Flow

From my research, i was able to craft out a simple and easy user flow that would enable the user navigate his way through the app without hassle and also extend his loan easily.

The user flow

Lo-fi Wire frame:

Roughly sketched out a wireframe on a piece of paper, moved to Figma to create a lo-fi wire-frame. This helped a lot in reaching a solution to the users problem.

User interface:

I made sure to stick to the company’s colour (#FCB62E). Added a bit of change to the splash screen

Splash screen

Made sure the sign up was aesthetically pleasing as well

Sign up screen

The Log in screen was also welcoming

Log in screen.

Here are Some other screens showing the beautiful UI

Inter-active Prototyping:

To enhance user experience, I created an interactive prototype which made me view the best mock version for the app, a lot of changes were made as i made sure to test with possible users and the best prototype was used.

All prototypes were done on Figma.

Inter-active Component:

An Interactive component was created as the variants responded to this interaction.

Interactive component.

The interactive component allowed for color changes as well.


The Goal of this design was achieved as it followed due design process of:


Defining the needs( this was summarized in the goal statement)




The user experience was made easy as the users were infused in every process, Ideas were created, changes were made and the testing showed that users could now navigate their way through the app and also be able to extend their loan without Hassle.

N/B: This is my first case study.

You can check out my other case studies on Behance, https://www.behance.net/glory-bassey

Thank you 🙂